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William MacDonald

William MacDonald has performed in over 250 professional Film/TV and Theatre productions in the last 35 yrs. He has been nominated for 5 Jessie’s and 2 Leo’s, as well as being the winner of the Best Actor award at the 2001 Toronto Independent Film Festival. He was a series lead on Jack London’s “Call of The Wild”, and has performed in dozens of guest star roles. He was in Atom Egoyan’s “The Captive”, which was selected for competition for the Palm D’or at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

Recent recurring Guest Star roles include Ridley Scott’s ‘The Terror’, Riverdale, SuperGirl, The Good Doctor and Netflix’s recently released Feature Film “There’s Someone Inside Your House”.


“With William's help, I booked a Lead in a Feature Film.”

” With William’s help, I booked a Lead in a Feature Film. The skill and generosity Bill brings to the table in his coaching sessions is extraordinary. He has the ability to see and shape his approach with each actor to allow the artist’s unique instrument to shine. In this industry, you want to surround yourself with people who will champion your voice, and Bill does just that. If you’re looking for a passionate coach that’ll dive into the trenches with you, look no further than William MacDonald. “


Blake Williams

Recon, My Wife’s Secret


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