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William will take you through a process of detailed script analysis; character work – including both the physicality and mental structure of the character; he will help you find inner monologues – guaranteed to keep your performance alive and in the moment; he will help you find your overall intention and break it down into small achievable actions; he will help you find character secrets, conditions and complexes, and what you are revealing and what you are hiding.

All of this work is guaranteed to give you an empowered and successful onset experience.

William does BOOKED ROLE Coaching only.
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Nneka Croal Beatriz Batoon Academy Alumni

” Taking William’s online on camera class is one of the best decisions I made during these crazy times. What sold me on his class is his commitment to digging for the truth in every scene he works on. He encourages us to make our work personal, creating unique and authentic characters. If you want a rigorous acting workout with honest feedback, this is the class for you.”

Nneka Croal
Riverdale, The Good Doctor

” William’s classes are among the best acting sessions I’ve been enrolled in. After stumbling across his studio my work as a performer has gotten richer and more satisfying than ever. To me however the best part of classes with William is that I feel respected and heard as an equal, rather than a student; he doesn’t beat around the bush with his comments and he dives right into the fullest depths of the human experience when exploring the work of an actor.”

Isaac Caverzan
Turner and Hooch, Debris,

“Leading with compassion and respect, William has created an online class that provides a safe space where I can pursue and trust my instincts, feed my curiosity and play! His support and guidance encourages me to explore the work and challenge myself, judgement free. I am very grateful to be keeping my mojo up to snuff with William steering the way.”

Bonnie Hay
X-Files, Da Vinci’s Inquest,
A Million Little Things

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