You need to build your magnetic mind and become a conscious creator.

You are a powerful creator.

Your mind is magnetic. 

No matter what. 

You have created your current reality. 

But chances are, you are doing it UNconsiously. 

From your limited perception of yourself.

And now it’s time to become a Conscious Creator.

It’s time for a Magnetic Shift.

Use the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience to magically manifest and become a conscious creator...

You will learn the 5 step Magnetic Mind Process that helps you harness the alchemy of success and become a conscious creator

You Are…

A hardworking, high achieving Actor who is fed up from hitting roadblocks or/and from having the same undesirable patterns reoccur in your life. You have spent your life, focusing your creative energy on problem solving and putting out fires and you are looking for a new way to be, and thrive, in this world.  You have invested your life and time into endeavours that haven’t brought you the fulfillment nor success you know your are capable of and destined for.



a coach who will  step you into your fullest potential when you most want to run and hide. When you want to play small, you need someone who is going to keep you in your fullest expression until it becomes your normal mode of operation. Until you just wake up ready to create! Ready to create what you love. You need to learn the structure of success and creation. Because your success or lack thereof is NOT PERSONAL.  It’s STRUCTURAL. 


As your coach Nadia will…


be your sparring partner to hold you accountable to your highest vision for your life. She will also guide you to figure out what your true nature and purpose really is. She will teach you to learn to trust your own intuition and wildest imagination. Nadia will keep you focused on your dreams even when you don’t believe.  She will help you discover your unique Genius that resides within you. Nadia will do powerful processes with you to unlock your inner fire and dissolve the resistance and blocks that hold you back. And then she will give you an incredible framework to magnetize your hearts desires into your current reality through taking the RIGHT ACTION.
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Your Investment

  • 12 week program
  • 1 x 90-120mins Session per week
  • Choose the ‘End-Results’ using our Core 4 method.
  • Create structural tension by consciously setting up a ‘2-point’ structure.
  • Use the power of Epigenetic to step into the emotion of the end result to create your new identity.
  • Unplug from your past & current identity to let go of the old. (This is different from healing)
  • Take the correct action so you magnetically move towards your true goals.

Using the incredible powers of our intuition and imagination like you’ve never accessed before, we will discover your unique Genius and the 8-12 core ‘True Choices” that you were put on this planet to execute.

As needed we will step into the unified field together and powerfully release the resistance that has been keeping you playing small. 

Inspired by the incredible Robert Fritz’s telescoping framework, we create a solid structure to execute the wildest outcomes. Get ready to discover that structure is the new sexy.

Working with your own unique set of True Choices (another word for the most powerful type of “goals”) you will learn meditations to keep you oriented in a creative tension structure to ensure you are aligned for the outcomes your heart desires.

Email access to Nadia throughout your week if and when questions come up for you or you just need an extra kick in the ass to get over any hurdles.

” Nadia has a wonderful way with this work. She is kind and gentle but asks the right questions to get to where you need to go and then encourages and energises you through the process. I knew there was hidden stuff blocking me but I wasn’t expecting the level of emotion that came up. That is the first time I have spoken a bigger vision for myself that has more possibilities. I have self sabotage patterns which I have only really recognised in recent years. The oscillating structure is familiar. It will be great to halt that loop. The stuff that came up was childhood stuff of not being good enough, not capable etc. My very young self must have really taken on those beliefs. Speaking to the inner child just made me sob so it was hitting the spot well. I definitely feel lighter and that some old baggage has shifted. I feel more open to possibilities now. How amazing that our bodies hold these emotions for so long.”

-Donna (Brisbane Aus)

” Nadia Vanessa Rose’s genuine empathy coated with soul filled wisdom inspires my understanding of transformation significantly, in all aspects of this adventure, we call life. I am indebted to her for the powerful pathways she introduced me to, while side stepping the predictable directions many offer. Inner heart felt peace and true happiness has been realized for me due to our collaboration. Thank you deeply Nadia Vanessa Rose.”
-David Avalon
” Nadia Vanessa Rose is  that rare genius combination of gentleness and compassion with laser sharp intuition and direction. She cuts right to the heart of my true desire and my resistance, freeing me to really go for what I want most”
-Dixie Gillaspie

” Nadia is a compassionate beautiful person who I feel very blessed to have come across during a time that I needed support and assistance in creating massive changes in my life. I found the sessions I had with Nadia so profound. She is so connected to the higher realms of consciousness and so calming and loving. I have found myself more connected to my intuition, truth and trusting my capabilities. I have made changes in my daily life that I have been trying to make but have been sabotaging my outcomes for years! I feel like I have a clean slate to create new choices that align with my greater good. Thank you Nadia. Many Blessings.”

-Kerrie Martin (Australia)

If you are interested in Magnetic Shift Coaching with Nadia, here are your next steps…

The Academy Application - Step 1

Fill out the application below and click ‘SEND’ to start the process

The Academy Application - Step 2

Click the link inside the email you receive after submitting your application to reserve your spot on Nadia’s calendar scheduler for a Discovery Call.

The Academy Application - Step 3

After your discovery call with Nadia, if this is the right program for you, read and sign our agreement + Pay your invoice to get started with Magnetic Shift Coaching.

Magnetic Shift Coaching Application


About Nadia Vanessa Rose

Nadia has always been a high achiever. She was a gold medal synchronized swimmer and always enjoyed pushing herself to be the best. After her many years in the pool she then majored in dance. Nadia is a Certified Rescue Diver and has travelled the globe working with people extensively in many different countries. She founded a commercial diving company in Mauritius and worked in export and the gourmet foods industry on an international level. She has an extremely eclectic background and learned most of her wisdom through the school of hard knocks and life. Nadia has a deep passion for psychology and the human experience and since discovering this profound work over 2 and a half years ago she has not looked back. Helping clients all over the globe find true success in their lives. 

When she’s not with her cherished clients you can find her rolling on the Jiu Jitsu mat or playing by the ocean and in the forest with her husband and 4 year old daughter.

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