The benefits of taking a high calibre acting class

Should you opt for acting as a career?

For some people it is obvious they were born to be an actor. They are quite clear about where their destiny lies and they take steps from a young age to achieve their dreams. For others it is a desire that touches them at a young age and they ignore the calling of their heart because of the pessimism and judgement of the influential people around

Whatever your back story, if you feel a strong pull to try acting, it is probably a calling.

Choosing to forage a career path in acting, and actually make a living, in an extremely competitive industry requires determination, spirit and hard work.

It is a common misunderstanding that to be an actor all you need is talent and the rest will fall into place. However that is not the case. A Professional film and TV actor is required to hone much more than their acting abilities. Once, you enter into the business of acting and you begin to audition, you quickly realise that failures are a big part of making acting a career. That is why the spirit of accepting rejections and working harder and smarter each time is extremely crucial.


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The best way to dive into being an actor is by joining reputable acting classes with skilled mentorship by veteran actors who have dedicated their life to the craft of acting as well as to  “The Industry”.

Acting classes are essential. They are not a maybe. They are a must.

Just as a musician needs to practice regularly to keep their skills supple, so to, an actor must practice their craft on a consistent basis to find the liberation and freedom of living their life on camera. And today, with so much advancement in technology you can take world class lessons from the comfort of anywhere you have an internet connection. Whether you are a busy student or keep a full time job there is an acting studio that offers online acting classes in Canada.  You can visit their website and avail yourself of their services.

4 Benefits of Premium Acting Classes


If you’ve decided to take your calling as an actor forward by transforming it into a proper full-time career then wait no further in becoming a part of an acting class. If you’re still confused and think that you are trained enough and can manage everything from auditions, to booked roles, to industry mindset, then let this article convince you of the benefits of joining a premium acting class.

AND If you are still unsure then you can join advanced to Beginner acting classes in Vancouver and test if it added value to your acting skills or not.


Benefit 1: Community

Actors need community. We are an interesting breed and need to be around others who are like minded who understand the joys and challenges of the craft of acting and the business of acting.  And as well It’s so important to have a support system for when you get auditions and you need acting friends to run lines with and discuss casting directors  and agents and even advice from those who have been at it longer than you.


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Benefit 2: Know thyself, thy dark side, and embrace it

In a safe acting class with a seasoned mentor, you can dig into all of your inner darkness and bring it forward in the roles you will be working on. You cannot fake it with on camera acting. The camera picks up everything. EVERYTHING. So you gotta keep it real and truly tap into those places within you. We are wells of emotion, memories, part time personalities that we want to push into the dark recesses of our mind. If you are going to be an actor you cannot pretend your way to a good “performance” and a premium, high quality acting class with the right teacher will help you to practice to tap into all of you.


high quality acting class with the right teacher

Benefit 3: Being in alignment with your dreams

When there is something that you really want, like an acting career, getting cast as a series lead, a series regular or a guest star performer, it helps to put your money where your mouth is….or in other words, take action in alignment with your heart’s true calling. Besides the obvious benefits of honing your skills and staying at the top of your game, and at the risk of sounding too esoteric, quite frankly when you take action, it opens up space for offerings to come your way.  Some people talk about how taking regular acting classes somehow brings them more auditions and more opportunities.


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Benefit 4: A boost to your creativity

In a premium acting class, you learn alot of new things about yourself. As Shakespeare famously said, and I’m paraphrasing here, you will be “holding a mirror up to nature” The mirror shall be reflecting your true self, all your strengths and weaknesses laid out before you in a crystal clear manner.  Mainly you will be surprised to learn that you are capable of so much more  than you ever thought possible.


Get the premium acting class in vancouver, canada

Taking acting classes with the right coach can completely transform your life and give you massive amounts of confidence. If this is what is calling you, then now is the right time to check out William MacDonald’s best acting classes Vancouver, the personal and professional transformations that have resulted from his classes are incredible. And who knows… you might be the next.

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