Precision. Practice. Performance.

The set up is simple:

Part 1:

You train with William over ZOOM for 3 weeks; 3 times a week. We take a deep exploration into what makes YOU a great On Camera actor.  William will push you beyond what you think you are currently capable of as an actor. You will then have a script written for you and your classmates; focusing on the best of your abilities while also challenging you.

You will then get 2 extra coaching sessions with William; where you will work specifically on the  character that has been written for you.

Part 2: 

You will actually perform on location in a professionally shot Short Film, that will be submitted to Film Festivals.  
Award winning director Gerald Varga will do his best to make a damn good movie; and make sure that you have a demanding, challenging and enriching On Set experience. 

Now accepting applications for February 2022

“The prolific character actor William MacDonald is absolutely great as a devious villain who is both ruthless and ironically amusing”

– Scott Weinberg 

“MacDonald is the most experienced actor of the three and his work is outstanding. The anger and self-pity he manages to infuse Sasha with really sticks in your memory”

– Barrie Maxwell

“ I had the pleasure of working closely with William for 6 months solid and he is a true artistic leader. He has so much experience and knowledge to draw from. He came in guns blazing. Working with William is an opportunity that shouldn’t be taken lightly. His brilliance has a way of rubbing off on people and I think it has something to do with his generosity. He has a beautiful way of guiding and leading someone to their brilliance without doing it for them. I feel lucky to have had the time I had working with him.” 

-Michael Eisner

Gerald Varga is the award winning writer and director of the 2018 feature film, ‘Murder Box’, which had its world premiere at the prestigious, ‘Unnamed Footage Festival’ in San Francisco. The film received critical praise and found worldwide distribution with POV Horror LLC. His sophomore feature, ‘My Inner Demon: A Geraldson Tale’ has just begun it’s festival run, already winning Best Feature at The Accord Cine Festival. Currently he is the co-producer and director of photography on, ‘Much Ado About Nothing: The Legend of Spectral Theatre Society’.

Gerald studied acting at the Gastown Actors Studio, The William B. Davis Centre, and through private lessons with William MacDonald. He studied video editing and camera techniques at the British Columbia Institute for Technology and worked at William F. Whites International for 3 years, an experience he credits as being paramount to informing his technical knowledge of film.

“Overall, director Gerald Varga does an exceptional job infusing his comedic roots into the cinematic bones of Murder Box (2019), resulting in a both horrifying yet equally funny experience for viewers to enjoy.”


Gerald likes to give his actors a lot of freedom on his sets. He believes the best directors clearly convey the vision they want to achieve, and once the actor is on the same page, it’s just a matter of getting out of the way. Through this understanding, his goal is to tell the story through believable, organic performances where actors can be respected and encouraged to take risks.

On a technical side, all productions will be recorded at the highest quality. Everything will be shot at 6k resolution in 12 bit raw.

The final film will be delivered in cinema 4k.

“With the growing popularity of true crime programmes, Murder Box deserves to be seen by more people. As a pastiche of such shows, it works really well, and even manages to throw a few curveballs, particularly in the shocking climax. The result is an impressive low budget effort that punches well above its weight.”

  • 3 x per week for 3 weeks, Deep Dive Acting classes with William MacDonald. On ZOOM
  • + 2 Extra Performance coaching sessions with William MacDonald. On ZOOM
  • 1 x Tailor made script specifically WRITTEN FOR YOU and your classmates.
  • Act in a professionally shot Short Film ON LOCATION with award winning director. Gerald Varga.
  • Professionally edited COPY OF THE FILM.
  • Submission to FILM FESTIVALS
  • An IMDb Credit

* The added bonus with this project is that you will receive a professionally edited copy of the film. This can be used as a calling card to potentially get you future work. The film will be submitted to film festivals, thereby increasing the exposure of your talent to other film makers

Not to mention, invaluable onset experience and a deep dive into your craft.

“ William is a phenomenal actor, and is one of the few who also makes a really great teacher. It’s evident that all students are becoming better actors each week, because his teachings are clear and applicable. His techniques allow you to live comfortably in the given circumstances, where you can give a spontaneous, alive, and truly human performance. “


-Nick Preston
Zooey’s Extraordinary Play List, Maid,
A Honeymoon To Remember
American Mystery

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